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Modern Women Bali is an introvert-friendly network of online and offline communities. It serves as a hub for creatives, intellectuals, businesswomen, and other modern women living in or traveling to Bali.

Join aspiring and established writers for free weekly Women Who Write meet ups in Ubud, Canggu and online. Or come savour an evening of philosophy and wine with bimonthly Philosophy Club nights.

The Modern Women Bali magazine provides a thought-provoking coverage of important issues, concerns, thoughts, desires, and aspirations of the women living in Bali, as well as keeps them up to date with the most exciting events, activities and culinary delights on the island. Proudly smart fun magazine for smart fun women. Learn more by click here.


Many individuals wish they were more creative, desiring better expression of their creativity. Often, they experience glimpses of ideas but struggle to articulate them, even to themselves. Specific creative longings, such as writing a book or publishing a poem, may exist, yet distractions seem to prevail.

For those longing to reach their full creative potential or resurrect their artistic dreams, the monthly The Artist Way study group is an opportunity not to be missed. On one Saturday each month, participants gather to explore the brilliant and practical book, The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron.

The Artist Way views creativity as an inherent aspect of our true nature. Those not living up to their creative potential are likely experiencing some form of block. The course guides participants through a systematic and playful journey, addressing various blocks, including topics such as:

  • Recovering Artist Identity
  • Dealing with criticism and shame
  • Finding joy in your craftMoney and creativity
  • Perfectionism
  • Developing your creative strengths

Monthly sessions provide an opportunity for creative recovery, breaking isolation, and reigniting the creative fire.

  • Next Session: 13 January 2024, 10 am - 12 pm
  • Location: Awan Connection, Canggu
  • Price: Members: Free; Non-members: 250k (Note: A member is defined as any woman who has led at least one weekly session in the past 2 months.)

All interested individuals are welcome to join. Join the WhatsApp group here.

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Meet Our Neighbours
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